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Price Reduction St. Malo Pilot Cutter

18 September 2017 ,

This replica of a St. Malo Pilot Cutter was built in 2012 in Falmouth using the original lines, but modern ship building techniques.

Pilot cutters have a proud and charismatic history, they stir the soul of all who sail them, built with performance in mind by and for men who knew what a boat was supposed to look like, they had to match speed with sea-worthiness in all weathers. It has been said that no pilot cutter was ever lost to the weather.
Elley Grey has recently been constructed of 14 layers of solid G.R.P. on the lines of a St.Malo pilot cutter of 1886. Elley Grey was the last, and at 60 tons the largest, pilot cutter to leave the yard of Gaffars and Luggers in Mylor Creek Falmouth U.K.

Due to exchange rate changes the new asking price is now EUR 650.000 Vat paid.

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